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Nathan Sykes on Ariana Grande: 'She has the vocal ability of Mariah Carey'

The Wanted heartthrob Nathan Sykes has praised Ariana Grande, who he collaborated with on a track called 'Almost Is Never Enough', and revealed that he thinks she'll be one of this generation's biggest vocal talents.

Speaking to MTV News about the young beauty, Sykes explained that she will obviously be compared to Mariah Carey because of her impressive range and control, but she can stand alone as she's such a strong singer:

"I think she can do incredible things in the music industry without being compared to someone like Mariah Carey, which is amazing - it's like the biggest compliment you can ever receive and what she's doing with her music is so incredible. In ten years' time, people will be saying, 'This girl's the next Ariana Grande.'"

Sykes added that when he was asked to duet with Grande, he was just starting his vocal recovery following the operation he had on his throat so was concerned it wouldn't work out:

"They were like, 'Do you want to try and vocal it?' for a duet, but they wouldn't send me her version because it was that good. They were just interested in how my voice sounded as I'd just come back from having my operation. I got to the studio and I heard the song and was like, 'Sh*t - that's the best vocal ever.' I felt like I had to over-perform to be on her level. It was great. She's so talent and a lovely girl as well."






Watch the pair's music video for 'Almost Is Never Enough' below:


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