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The Wanted: "We don't want to fight with One Direction anymore"

The Wanted have called time on their feud with One Direction over concerns of cyber bullying.

The two British-Irish groups have sparred on Twitter and in interviews over the past year as they took jibes at each other.

However, Tom Parker has told the Daily Star that his group are ready to call a truce after learning that it has created a division between the two bands' fans online.

He said: "We’re never going to be best mates with 1D but we don’t want to fight any more. I was saying to the boys the other day how horrible it is when fans fight. It’s really scary and I don’t want to be an instigator of that so I’d prefer not to argue in public any more.

"We’ve realised what we say can trigger a huge explosion between fans which isn’t nice. It can get really horrific with death threats. Before they would say something and I would be like ‘f**k them’ I’m going in, but after seeing the consequences of cyber bullying I think we’ve learned and are a bit more responsible."

Bandmate Max George commented: "I think we’ve grown up and realised it just provokes fans and turns our private feud into something a lot more serious. Their fans get involved and our fans get involved and it turns nasty. We don’t want to be a trigger for 15-year-old girls sending death threats. I do regret a few of the things I’ve said and I’m staying out of it now – unless someone really asks for it."

The Wanted meanwhile released their new record 'Word of Mouth' earlier this month.

It charted at No.9 in the UK on Sunday (November 10) - their worst album chart performance in the country yet.





Watch The Wanted performing live below: