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The Wanted: 'We drew numbers to get see who would get the double bed on tour'

Boyband The Wanted have revealed that their current tour bus makes their sleeping arrangements a little difficult. 

Cheeky singer Tom Parker told BBC Breakfast that their bus was previously used by Jessie J so it boasts one great double bed, but because they all fought over it they were forced to come up with a fair way to decided who got the luxury of sleeping in it:

"The easiest part is [of touring is] being on the bus. The only fight there is is who gets the double bed at the back." Heartthrob Nathan Sykes, who is dating American beauty Ariana Grande (pictured below), added: "Because we've got Jessie J's bus [and] we didn't have time to turn it into a more band suited bus so there."

Parker also opened up about the band's constant touring outside of the UK and admitted that while their sales at home may have suffered, it was great to expand their fanbase: "You'll have your up moments and you'll have your down moments in music."

"I feel like, because we've been out of the country quite a lot as well, we've been travelling the world, so we're happy that it's not just in the UK any more. It's worldwide and we'll probably do a good couple of hundred thousand the first week in different territories around the world. So, I think it's been worth us going around the world, even though the UK market might have taken a bit of a hit."





Watch The Wanted perform on 'The X Factor' below: