De Martijn “It’s A Fine Day” feat Rmx from Black Legend, Fargetta, Stefano Valli

Following the 2016 Gold Award with “Through The Waves”, De Martijn is back on track with another massive dance hit “It’s A Fine Day” featuring the charismatic Audrey Tritto leading the vocal scene. The remaking of the Edward Barton’s original song, perfectly revised by the Opus III back in 1992 wasn’t a real challenge for the nominated 2011 Best Italian Model, Antonio Di Martino (aka De Martijn). Without any doubt, it is behind the dj boots and during the production studio sessions that De Martijn really releases all his music skills. Indeed, “It’s a Fine Day” is most probably, one of the best Opus III’s remake released in the last 10 years.

The modern groove, the 90s bass sound and stabs are perfectly pitched by Audrey’s voice that uplifts the entire song with a sensual and charismatic voice. The track is the perfect killer track to fire on the dance floor and it is already climbing the most important sales charts.

De Martijn  “It’s A Fine Day”  is available on all digital music stores:
Beatport: It's a Fine Day feat. Audrey Tritto Get Far Radio Remix
Spotify: It’s A Fine Day" (Black Legend Radio Mix)
iTunes: It’s A Fine Day (Black Legend Radio Mix)
Google Play:  It’s A Fine Day (Black Legend Radio Mix)

Watch the Offical Videos here:
Official Video (North Town Records):
Official Video (Airplay Records France):
Black Legend Radio Edit:
Black Legend Extended Mix:
Stefano Valli Club Mix:
Stefano Valli Radio Edit:

February 22, 2017 4:54pm ET by The Wild Agency  

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