Extravagance SL ‘Cthulhu’ Out Now Through VANDIT Records

Love a bit of Lovecraft? If that’s a ‘yes’ then the enigmatic title of the latest outing from Extravagance SL may need no further introduction. If you are slightly less au fait with H.P.’s works then allow us to enlighten you! ‘Cthulhu’ is a fictional deity created by that legendary master-of-unease H. P. Lovecraft and was first introduced in the pulp/cult magazine Weird Tales short story ‘The Call of Cthulhu’. Armed with that knowledge prepare to check a track from the two German studio operators of superbly deep electronic texture, sophisticated resonance and complete immersion.  

The Dortmund based two-some of Phillpp Leske & Marcus Schleickmann have been rocking any number of spots with their tracks for close to five years now. Their studio outings are no strangers to the discographies of labels like FENology & Tool Tracks, the tracklists of shows like A State Of Trance (where ‘Nightshift’ became a notable Tune of the Week) and the review pages of dance media including DJ Times, Raveline & DJ Mag.   

Pronounced (as close as we can get!) ‘Klul-who’, the track is and odyssey-ian slice of electronic music, beautifully caught in the hinter-worlds of progressive & trance. With one foot in the future of the twin genres and the other channelling the brilliant limitless scope of its history (think ‘Xpander’, ‘Scorchio’ or ‘My Lexicon’, et al), ‘Cthulhu’ reaches new levels of sophisticated genre compression. Catch ‘Cthulhu’ in stores now.


01: ‘Cthulhu’ – Original Mix


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