Solarstone - Restless 4. A.M. (Jam El Mar Remix)


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On his musical imagining of your first 24 hours on Ibiza, Solarstone used the ‘island’ album’s ‘Restless 4.a.m.’ to encapsulate that exact time of the clubbing night. A moody, pensive bass-heavy piece, with a portentous nod to ‘Tubular Bells’, it was a transitional tune that - in a ‘less-equals-more’ manner – brought the floor down a gear ahead of dawn’s big conclusion.

As the track reaches its single release, one electronic music legend delivers a baton pass to another, with Jam El Mar taking up ‘Restless 4. a.m.’s remix-reins.

Jam ports Solarstone’s dynamics to the same time of the night, but swaps its club environment. Whilst the original bridged the divide between progressive & trance, Jam’s recalibrates it for more techno-oriented floors. He ups the drum pound and shades them with doomy didgeridoos & middle-distant melodies, before finally letting those ominous bells toll & its bass fully thunder.

‘Restless, 4.a.m.’ - we’ve all been there... and soon will again, as Jam El Mar’s remix hits stores and streaming platforms today. Find it here (

Solarstone – Restless 4. A.M. (Jam El Mar Remix)

April 20, 2021 7:40am ET by Stark Profiles PR  

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