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Tulisa takes aim at tabloids in Twitter rant

Tulisa Contostavlos has launched a scathing attack against the tabloid press after reports surfaced that she had apparently had a fling with The Only Way Is Essex's Mark Wright.

The singer and X Factor judge took to Twitter yesterday (March 11) to set the record straight, denying the ill-judged gossip - and revealing that she is seeing someone else. She began by saying:

"I have sumthin 2 say 2day..1.people make me sick the things they do 4 cash,disgustin.2.why am I meant 2 b bangin every guy Im seen with?"

She continued by refuting the Mark Wright rumours, saying that he is not her type and that she likes her men a "bit ruff around the edges". She said:

"3.I have DEFFINITELY NOT shagged mark wright and I can swear that on my uncle B's GRAVE!.4.if the press r so bloody interested in my love life!& their guna keep makin out I'm shaggin every bloke I meet till they have sumin 2 write about! GUESS WHAT...I am seeing some1!!cus Im a bloody human being!& it gets better!..he is not mark wright!& 4 the record mark is not my type & nor me his...In fact he thinks Im a chick with a dick. & like my men a bit ruff around the edges!write that!middle finger is up..twit rant is over,thanks."




Watch Tulisa being interviewed on BBC Radio One below:


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