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Tulisa hitches a ride with "enemy" paparazzi

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer - and it seems Tulisa has been doing exactly that whilst in America.

The British singer is currently in the States to make inroads in her acting career, with auditions and meetings lined up.

It seems, however, that she was so desperate to make one of her meetings that she hitched a lift with a paparazzi photographer.

Tulisa posted an image of herself in the snapper's car, with a long lens camera and laptop clearly visible in the vehicle.

She tweeted: "So seeing as the paps are following me all day I've decided to get a lift off one to my next meeting lol!!"

The X Factor judge later added: "Riding with the enemy! LOL."

Tulisa meanwhile recently revealed that she has nearly confirmed a role in a movie sequel, saying:

"I enjoy acting, so I'm off to Los Angeles tomorrow to do that and I have meetings, auditions and agents lined up. I've got a movie planned for the end of the year so I'll be filming in LA then. It's 95 per cent confirmed but all I can tell you is it's a sequel."




Watch Tulisa perform live below:


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