Jerk & Bastard and Big & Dirty as trend setters for future house

Artist: Jerk & Bastard
Title: Bring My Beat Back
Label: Big & Dirty Records
Release date: 16 Feb 2015

In 2014, a new term emerged from the murky waters of the electronic dance music subgenres - 'future house'. Attempts to classify these dynamic sounds are often futile and sometimes controversial, because it is difficult to argue that one single artist produces only a certain type of electronic music. However, the community seems to have embraced the new 'future house' sounds of DJs such as Oliver Heldens and Tchami. It's essentially deep house mixed down into an EDM vibe, and it is taking the dance music by storm. Up and coming in this realm are German producers Jerk & Bastard with their newest release, 'Bring My Beat Back', to be out on the Big & Dirty Records.

Jerk & Bastard recently made headway in the scene with their remix of Inpetto’s 'Never Too Late', which has received strong support from heavyweights like Oliver Heldens, Swanky Tunes, Starkillers and Blasterjaxx among others. The duo’s sound is a fusion of electro and future house, which is distinctively displayed in their newest single 'Bring My Beat Back'. The track begins with a steady bassline and then goes a little deeper before the unexpected but refreshing female vocal interlude. The vocals are accompanied by melodious piano chords before the track builds itself back up using big synths and the original steady bass.

Overall, 'Bring My Beat Back' brings together the best elements of future house. It combines the groovy backbeats of deep house with the ever-popular crooning female vocals of EDM, and just enough of a drop to get listeners off their feet. It’s a track that people can both sing along with and dance to, making its appeal span between the electronic music newbie and the seasoned veteran. There is no doubt that this one will be a regular in club sets as the spring season begins its kickoff. Keep an eye out for Jerk & Bastard and Big & Dirty Records as trend setters for this catchy new vibe!

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