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Usher: 'Sugar Ray Leonard taught me how to box and he became like a brother to me'

R&B sensation Usher is playing legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in a new movie called 'Hands of Stone', which is about Leonard's most famous opponent, Roberto Durán, and revealed that the icon himself taught him how to box.

Speaking exclusively to Fault magazine, the superstar explained that they spent a lot of time together outside of boxing training and developed a great bond:

"I spent time with him in Atlanta, and in Los Angeles. We boxed together; we chilled. He became a great friend of mine, almost like a brother to me."

He went onto talk about taking up a coaching role on 'The Voice' and admitted that he just wanted some diversity in his career and wanted to show how versatile he is where the entertainment industry is concerned: "Part of the reason why I did 'The Voice' was so people would get a chance to get a different perception of me."

Of his time on 'The Voice', Usher added: "The more I know about life, the more I know about people, the greater the person I am, the more understanding I have about how to make music and how to do things that will grow us as people."

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Watch Usher talking about playing Sugar Ray below: