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Victoria Beckham: 'I get why people think I'm a cow because I do when I see pictures of myself'

Spice Girls star turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham has revealed that she understands why people expect her to be a "cow" after seeing photographs of herself taken by paparazzi.

Speaking at Vogue Festival yesterday (April 28), Beckham explained that people tend to think she might be miserable from looking at candid snaps of her, but it's just because she gets tired of photographers sticking cameras in her face:

"Everyone thinks I’m going to be such a cow - I get it because I think the same when I see the pictures."

She also opened up about the creative process she went through when working on her new line and confessed that she sometimes strips off to design clothing: "I have a great team... we sit around and talk and then I basically get naked and make clothes."

"I’m a perfectionist, I like everything to be right. I’m probably a  complete pain in the neck to work with because it is really important to me because I’ve grown this brand from nothing to where it is now."





Watch Beckham talk about her life here: