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Victor Pradipta

NOVEMBER 20, 2020 (YOGYAKARTA) – “and finally I can let it flow” is the first album from pianist and composer Victor Pradipta. As of now, this album is available on various digital music streaming services. In this album, Victor presents 9 instrumental songs based on fluid, naturally-flowing and calm piano improvisations. Also included in this album is the 2 singles that were previously released before, entitled “letting go” and “unfinished dream”.

This album was born after almost a 1 year long period where Victor felt stuck and unable to express what he felt through playing his piano, hence the title "and finally I can let it flow".

“At first, I was so frustrated because for almost 1 year I couldn't convey what I felt through music. During that year, to be able to convey feelings through music, I had to expose myself with external stimuli, such as making arrangements, and producing songs belonging to other artists, while at the same time still unable to realize and convey my own personal feelings. Frustrated, I tried to just improvise without any guide, recorded it, and it turned out to be great. Finally, everything that I felt, everything I had in mind could flow freely, and so I gave this album the title "and finally I can let it flow", because I felt that I could finally express all the feelings and thoughts that have been buried for a year. " said Victor.

Victor wants listeners to be able to interpret the songs on this album through their own experiences and perspective. For example, the song "letting go" is supposed to trigger the listener into slowly letting go of the problems and burdens that they have been carrying, or even to let go of a loved one. In other hand, while listening to "kontemplasi", listeners can reflect on themselves, think about what they are going to do in the future, or just simply relax and enjoy the melody.

"When you listen to it, Victor's album feels very peaceful, very calm, and is suitable when you listen to it in a meditative atmosphere," said Gardika Gigih, a composer and pianist who has collaborated with Banda Neira, when asked about his opinion on the album.

Victor Pradipta is a pianist, music composer, sound engineer and producer, and the album "and finally I can let it flow" is the result of his creative and personal journey in music and in audio composing. This album is the result of a combination of his experience in the world of music, which is packaged in musical improvisation, sound design, and a comfortable sound mixes, making this album suitable for those who want to reflect on their daily life, seek peace, or just a little break from the hustle and bustle of work. It is available to listen to on Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal and other music streaming services on November 20, 2020.

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Victor Pradipta is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixing and mastering engineer based on Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Starting his musical journey since 2013, Victor can creating many genre, starting from Pop, Instrumental, Ballad, to Jazz, Funk, Progressive Rock, etc.

November 21, 2020 1:52am ET by Victor Pradipta  

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