New, summertime banger from rapper YS Wave

YS Wave - Tek Time



East-London rapper YS Wave ends summer on a high with his rhythmic, sensual new release, ‘Tek Time.’
Melodic, afro-infused vibes, with a slightly heavy bassline, ‘Tek Time’ is the kind of track that will get your hips moving whether you’re at a beach party or a sporadic basement rave. The track's vibrant rhythm blends the cacophony of instruments with YS Wave’s smooth vocals to create the perfect base for his catchy, playful lyrics.
‘Tek Time’ was produced by YS Wave, alongside the talented Marcomobeats. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the rapper dabble in production, he’s got producer credits on several of his tracks including ‘Talk That Shit’ (2021) and ‘Wakka Wakka’ (2021) from his series Wavestyle (2021) and ‘Wave Life’ (2020) from his EP Wave Life.
Unlike previous releases, where the focus has been on himself -- his growth as an artist, his career or some of the difficulties he’s faced within the industry -- ‘Tek Time’ puts his love interest front and centre. Subsequently, YS Wave brings through a smoother, more romantic vibe and shows us his sweeter side with bars like “take time girl, with your cute little self.” The majority of the track is YS Wave blessing listeners with his sweetly-toned, R&B influenced vocals, but peppered throughout is the rapper showcasing his penmanship with some iconic bars.
Time and time again, YS Wave has proved his ability to meander effortlessly through genres and blend sounds from different spheres, and ‘Tek Time’ is no different.


YS Wave is the East London rapper blending the sounds of trap, afro-beats and rap, boasting unlimited creativity and a skillful ear for detail. The past four years have seen YS Wave drop upbeat tracks like ‘Ready For This’ (2018) featuring DJ Cable, full-out trap bangers like ‘Really Wanna’ (2020) with Shayne Rasko as well as instant hits like ‘Humble’ (2021). YS Wave also dabbles with remixing popular tracks and hopped on a wavemix of Ariana Grande’s ‘Break up with your girlfriend (I’m bored)’ (2019). Creating music also extends to production for this young rapper — YS Wave produced several tracks on his most recent project Wave Life (2020). Visual storytelling is another part of YS Wave’s creative output and adds another layer to his music. YS Wave started his musical career in his early 20s under the moniker Young Sneakz. 2017 signalled a name change to YS Wave, a fresh start and a sonic evolution.These changes pushed YS Wave to move outside the box and continue to grow artistically. Music was something YS Wave connected to from a young age. From playing a range of brass instruments at school and listening to quintessential rappers like Biggie his teenage years. Piecing lyrics together was something he’d spent hours doing in his book of rhymes — the pursuit was almost natural.

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August 10, 2022 5:00am ET by Wavelife  

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