Spielberg’s Ready Player One Nightclub Meets Its Match with Davy Knowles

Release of VR Interactive 360 Mobile App Of His Live Concert


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Jacksonville, FL (April 24, 2018) … The New York Times writer A.O. Scott reviewed Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” and referred to the Virtual Reality (VR) technology as follows: “Mr. Spielberg, a digital enthusiast and an old-school cineaste, goes further than most filmmakers in exploring the aesthetic possibilities of a form that is frequently dismissed and misunderstood.” Well said. While Spielberg’s VR movie helps establish Virtual Reality as just that…reality…no longer fantasy…well it’s really the reality of fantasy (thus no doubt, the many misconceptions about the applications of the technology).

Others delving deeper into the VR landscape and bringing it closer to becoming mainstream; include Blues Guitarist Davy Knowles – dubbed the “modern-day Blues Man” with his new fully-interactive 3-D, 360° Virtual Reality concert experience app developed by 1:9 Technology. The app offers music fans the ability to watch, on demand, the entire Davy Knowles live concert recorded in 360° at the Higher Ground venue in Burlington, VT.

The Ready Player One soundtrack concentrates on hit 80’s tracks by the likes of Van Halen, Tears For Fears, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Twisted Sister, Blondie and others. While Knowles was only an infant during the 80’s, he is no stranger to hit bands from eras past. At only 30 years old, he has played alongside countless legends including Joe Bonamassa, George Thorogood, Buddy Guy, Kid Rock, Joe Satriani, Warren Hayes, Jeff Beck, Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar, Peter Frampton, The Grateful Dead and more.

With Knowles’ mobile app for Android and Apple, unlike Speilberg’s movie going experience, you don’t have to drop $20 or so bucks each time you want to re-immerse yourself in the VR soundtrack at the zero-gravity nightclub in the movie; The Distracted Globe. With Knowles’ mobile app, you can buy it for under $10 and become part of the music – which surrounds you not only in VR but also in 360 ° controlled by the user, as often as you like. With the 360 controller, each time the user views it they will see it from another vantage perspective.

A truly unique experience, the app can be used with google cardboard and also now available for the more immersive Google Daydream headsets in 3-D 360° – or without in 2-D 360°. A truly interactive experience, the user has the ability to select individual songs, or to watch a behind-the-scenes interview with the artist, allowing the user to be completely immersed in the experience. In app controls include Play, Pause, Return Home, or move to a particular spot in the video, giving full control to the user. For those who do not own a Google Cardboard headset or prefer to watch in 2-D 360° on their mobile device, a non-Virtual Reality mode option is available from the app’s home screen.

1:9 Technology’s CEO, Tim Hogg said on the release: “There truly is nothing like this available on the market today. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of the future of Virtual Reality in the entertainment industry.” It will also be available for purchase on Vimeo, viewable on a desktop or in Virtual Reality through the Vimeo app. Future releases will potentially include Oculus Rift and Gear Virtual Reality compatibility.”

Get a peek of the app at davyknowles360.com . It’s available for downloads on Google Play for Android at: http://bit.ly/2oKTfFC and in the iTunes app store for IOS at: http://bit.ly/iTUnes360 .

More information and updates on Davy Knowles at: Facebook at: http://bit.ly/DK-Facebook , Twitter at: http://bit.ly/DK-Twitter, Youtube at: http://bit.ly/DK-Youtube, Instagram at: http://bit.ly/DK-Instagram, Reverbnation at: http://bit.ly/DK-Reverbnation and his official website www.DavyKnowles.com.

About 1:9 Technology LLC: 1:9 Technology LLC is a Jacksonville, FL based virtual company specializing in 360 video interactivity and immersion. Formed in early 2017, 1:9 Technology employs a variety of talented individuals with backgrounds in software and VR development, as well as film production and editing. Using the latest in 360/VR technology, 1:9 Technology strives to bring innovative and exciting experiences to audiences at an affordable rate.

To get a peek of the app, click below

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