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Mandalay Bay, CA…In 2018, *Spotify was adding 20,000 tracks a day to their platform. In 2019, the amount of tracks added daily jumped to 40,000 tracks. Fast forward to 2021 and they are adding over 60,000 tracks per day. That’s a whooping 22 millions tracks a year. As streaming sites have taken over the bulk of music listeners, the marketplace has become extensively crowded with musicians trying to get their music on playlists, and then to get those playlists’ listeners to stream their tracks.

While Spotify and other streaming services are continually advancing, exponentially growing, and constantly adding and eliminating user features - those marketing products on streaming sites must continually evolve and envelope changing and growing their tactics to meet the ever-changing market.

“Playlist Pitching” is generally the sole marketing strategy to promote tracks on streaming services; especially Spotify. As Spotify’s track offerings have more than tripled in number, this manner of marketing has not evolved to keep up with the changing landscape. If you Google “Playlist Pitching Services” you’ll get over 800,000 results of firms that offer strictly “Playlist Pitching”; many of which seem to have just popped out of the woodwork. If all these companies are doing the same thing - it’s hard to wrap your head around how this will help little ole’ you and your track, stand out.

“Playlist Pitching” is only 1 spoke in the large wheel. So you get your track on a couple of playlists…that doesn’t mean anyone’s going to stream it. Finding a campaign that works both the B2B angle (Business to Business, getting your track on Spotify) and the B2C angle (Business to Consumer, getting consumers to stream your track on Spotify) is key. Another important factor is the duration of your campaign. Artists buying marketing services need to stretch their budget. Many of these companies don’t give you a timeframe for completion – or they give you a very SHORT and rather ambiguous time frame of a few days to a few weeks for servicing your track. The longer the campaign runs and the longer they continue to work on your track, the longer your results will last.

Back in ‘the day’ you could promote/market your music using one single tactic before moving onto another. In this new, faster paced and very crowded music industry, you must synchronize multiple facets of marketing, promotion and advertising, simultaneously; in order to be successful.

Like any other product, your product requires that you employ a variety of techniques. For instance - a local restaurant or car dealer markets their business via multiple mediums including flyers, local radio & TV, social media, their website, mobile phones, etc.

Artists need a multi-tiered streaming marketing campaign - not a single tactic (“Playlist Pitching”). They also need to make sure the firm is legitimate (not buying streams and placements that go against the T&C’s); and preferably a Firm that has been in the music marketing business for more than just a few years. Finding a campaign that works both B2B and B2C; and has “legs”, are key factors to success in this challenging marketplace.

One company that stands out offers extensive 12 week B2B & B2C Spotify streaming campaigns. The company has been a leading music marketing firm for over 30 years and is highly reputable. Their standard Spotify service includes an abundance of B2B AND B2C marketing activities including multiple eblasting to indie & Spotify curators, manual playlist submissions, playlist pitching, collaborative playlist placements, social media outreach to an established music fanbase and highly detailed growth reports. They also offer additional streaming enhancement services such as advertising campaigns, fan expansion programs, online and traditional PR, music video marketing and more.

The case studies on their website for artists that have used their services show average increases of:
+ 151,450,000% in Streams
(Joe Fox and the Frantics)
+ 3,665,600% in Monthly Listeners
(Kailee Spark)
+ 43,000% in Number of Playlists
(Eileen Carey)
+ 9,700% in Saves
(Kristy Chmura)
+ 1,300% in Followers
And 77% average over-delivery of the number of Playlist followers guaranteed; per campaign

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* SOURCE: 2018/2019 stats:
* SOURCE: 2020/2021 stats:

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