Folk/Soul Newcomer emaé Debuts Stunning New Single “Something Beautiful”



Introducing Scottish-born Folk/Soul singer-songwriter emaé with her captivating new single “Something Beautiful”. Written and composed by emaé, and co-produced with burgeoning New Zealand songwriter/producer Stephen Hay, “Something Beautiful” is the first of two singles to expect from Emaé in the coming months, in the lead up to her debut EP next year.

Led by lush acoustic guitar strings, minimal drum patterns, and glorious string arrangements, “Something Beautiful” is an unapologetic love song that tugs at our heartstrings, and speaks directly to the lover in us. With excellent Folk and Soul sensibilities, exquisite vocals and a songwriting dexterity, “Something Beautiful” also highlights the compelling artist that London-based emaé truly is, reminiscent of Brooke FraserCorrine Bailey Rae and Emeli Sande.

In the words of emaé, “Something Beautiful is what I imagine love to be like, and what I’ve seen so far. The truth is that there probably is nothing overtly special about a person’s hair or eyes, but the decision to love overrides reality and makes the ordinary beautiful”. For emaé, her new record represents just how much more beautiful it is to choose to love an imperfect person than to clamour for perfection which only sticks around until infatuation wears off.

To highlight the relevance and importance of lyrics to emaé, and in the hopes of the listener being able to relate to her words in whatever way they can, “Something Beautiful” comes with an accompanying lyric video, created and edited byemaé herself in true DIY fashion. The lyric video also opens emaé up to the listener as it captures behind-the-scenes of how the “Something Beautiful” single artwork was created.

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