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Australian award-winning singer-songwriter and TV heartthrob, Guy Sebastian has released his brand new single ‘Choir’ through Sony Music Entertainment.

First rising to fame as the winner of Australian Idol in 2003 and going on to chalk up 40 platinum releases, six no.1 singles and sell millions of records, he achieved worldwide fame by becoming the first person to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

A household name in Australia, Guy has also been a judge on X Factor Australia for many years alongside the likes of Mel B, Adam Lambert and Iggy Azalea, and is currently a judge on The Voice. However, through all his years of TV fame, Guy has been driven by his main passion: making music that matters, to him and to others.

"I'm in a place with my music now where I just want to make soulful music that resonates and moves people", he says. "And I'm happy this song will bring some healing to people who have lost others".

Last year Guy Sebastian lost a great mate and his musical right hand man, Luke Liang. Luke was a key member of Guy’s band, they toured locally and internationally together, and as someone who played every instrument beautifully, Luke put together his live shows. The impact of this life cut short, too soon, has been immense on Guy personally and professionally – and forms the subject of the poignant new single ‘Choir’.

“Luke made my life better and made life more fun. When I first sat down I was grieving and started writing a ballad and it was slow and it was just not Luke Liang, so I ripped it up and started again. I wanted to write something that was more joyful and that made people want to think of his life and celebrate it rather than feel grief, because I know he wouldn’t want that”. Sebastian laughs fondly. "So that’s where 'Choir' was born, which is poignant but fun and uptempo".

With its big, rousing choral chorus, it's a soulful, glorious celebration of a friend of Sebastian's, drenched in the happiness and energy that "life of the party" Liang brought to those around him. Yet it also keenly resonates with anyone who has grieved the loss of a close friend or family member.

"My hope is that it gives people a different emotion when they're reflecting on their lost loved ones. Like when Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' comes on, you just want to cry. 'Choir' has a bit of a different emotion to it; it's more a celebration. It's a happy celebration of the good times", Sebastian explains.

‘Choir’ follows on from Sebastian's anthem of fierce determination, ‘Before I Go’, released at the tail end of 2018. The platinum-selling track has been in the Australian radio airplay charts for the past 24 weeks, while Sebastian has had a hit with it in Europe with it peaking at Number One on the iTunes charts in the Netherlands, where he also performed it on The Voice earlier this year.

Sebastian is soon to announce touring plans, including the UK, as well as even more exciting developments in a career that remains at the top of his creative space. His is a voice that continues to show its strength, soulfulness and resilience, and ‘Choir’ is a part of this next chapter.

Guy has also set up The Sebastian Family Charity which supports community’s, groups and children, empowering women and taking a stand against domestic violence.

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**Lifeline is an anonymous and confidential 24-hour crisis support line. You can call Lifeline to discuss all types of personal difficulties, including thoughts of suicide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lifeline provides immediate support by phone, via online chat or face to face.

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