Forget the Majors, look to the Minors, WOODENHOUSE RECORDS release the stunning "I KNOW ABOUT ART" from UNION STARR

UNION STARR are a collective built around a few individuals, including ex-members of legendary U.K. band, The Sundays and one permanent leader, Roger Wells. Utilising a wide range of influences from classic Americana country and folk (CSN, The Band) to U.K. eccentricity (Vivian Stanshall, Sid Barrett), they create melodic gems that can send the listener to the flat plains of Arizona or the back gardens of suburban England in a single verse.

"I Know About Art" is the debut single.........ENJOY

Contact: Mark

From: WOODENHOUSE RECORDS...A Minor Label....A Major Revolution


And of course Soundcloud:

November 3, 2011 8:00pm ET by Woodenhouse Records   Comments (0)



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