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Wretch 32 wants to mentor up and coming music stars

'Unorthodox' hitmaker Wretch 32 believes his own journey in the music industry could help inspire and guide some of the new names on the scene.

Speaking to Britain's The Sun newspaper, he explained that after slogging away for 10 years trying to get his material out there, he understands the struggle to cross over into the mainstream and thinks he could help expose up and coming artists with his own experience:

"You know I've really had a long haul, it's been like 10 years for me. I was always one of them artists that people would call a rapper's rapper - like the rapper's will get you but people that don't technically listen to the deepness won't get you."

"So I kinda see in the new wave of talent and I feel like as a mentor I could help them channel it. I've come across this amazing guy called George The Poet. And he's absolutely phenomenal."

Referring specifically to his lyrical ability, Wretch 32 added that it's important for him to have people take notice of what he's rapping about:

"I definitely want to be someone that people look to and go 'you know I really appreciate something you said here'. When people stop me and say that, it really means something to me. So you know I really want to stand for that, take each day as it comes, make my music and help whoever I can help along the way."




Watch his video for 'Hush Little Baby' here: