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Simon Cowell says Cheryl Cole looked "bewildered" on X Factor USA panel

Simon Cowell has spoken openly about Cheryl Cole's untimely exit from the X Factor USA's judging panel and described her as looking "uncomfortable" in the star-studded line up. 

Appearing as a guest on Piers Morgan's CNN show, the music mogul explained that Cole seemed out of place as a judge alongside himself, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul:

"I was talking to someone about this at the screening the other night and they put it very well - she looked a bit bewildered."

"Not everyone's like you Piers. You come to a country like America, it's a bit deal, takes a while to adjust," he joked. "And I took the view, along with a few other people, that she would have been more comfortable back in the UK."

He also added that because Cole's departure was in the public eye he feels as though he has to "take full responsibility for it" and be the bad guy:

"Because it was public, of course. I think if she'd taken the UK gig, nobody would be feeling bad right now, because they're both big shows and hopefully this one will be as big as the UK show."

"But that's what you have to do when you produce, you have to make decisions in the moment and I take full responsibility for it."

CNN International will air Cowell's interview tonight, September 21, at 9pm BST and you can watch him talk about the debut series of X Factor USA, which also premieres in America this evening, here:

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