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Simon Cowell on porn films, Susan Boyle and depression

Simon Cowell has told the Guardian that even though he has been accused of being motivated solely by profit, he knows when to draw the line. When asked if he'd ever consider going into the lucrative adult entertainment industry, he answered:

"We're not going to be making Syco porn movies, Not for the public viewing, anyway."

The music mogul also reveals that working with Susan Boyle taught him a duty of care:

"I learned that with Susan Boyle. I remember the day she came second and had that awful meltdown and I genuinely thought, 'Maybe we have failed here. Maybe we shouldn't be doing this.' But she wasn't a happy person."

The multi-millionaire isn't happy all the time either, and admits to have dark moods that "come out of nowhere" but doesn't approve of taking antidepressants but instead relies on friends to help him, one being his mentor, the Top Shop entrepreneur, Philip Green:

"What I was going through was just the inability to cope. I was trying to deal with everything - my business, the artists, the shows, everything - and didn't realise how difficult it was. He (Philip Green) is incredibly well-meaning. And very kind. He became someone I could always go to. He makes you confront everything and find a solution."

Cowell has also recently realised that he suffers from claustrophobia which is why he can't stand cluttered surfaces, and lives in huge airy houses: "I like the feeling that I'm never inside." he explains.

Watch Melanie Amaro's audition from this week's X Factor USA, and part of Cowell's interview with Pier Morgan on CNN below: 


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