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Heiss is Boston living music producer Frank Heiss, whose catchy sound is mixed with uplifting lyrics on this hip-hop meets folk single “Ride Again” featuring Mr Lif.

The elevating new track combines a positive message with a love for restyled country-folk, which is combined with tastes of hip hop & electronic, for a mellow yet joyous toe-tapping sound that represents a real creative statement, all the while showcasing Heiss’ desire to be innovative.

‘Ride Again” is clearly made for those who love the modern-ified and redesigned, mixed with a sophisticated sound that is quite simply unique to Heiss, The story, however, doesn’t end on the production… The vocal line, delivered in a very powerful yet relaxed manner, is guaranteed to hit the listener right in the ear and the heart, whilst irrefutably leaving everyone humming its catchy sound and over and over…

When asked about the message behind ‘Ride Again’, Heiss said..

It’s a lyrical story of redemption, about taking responsibility for mistakes and living a life of integrity

‘Ride Again’ will be available for PRE sale and download via iTunes & Bandcamp on 30th Novemeber 2015.

The Exclusive release date is 21st December 2015 and worldwide release date is 18th January 2016.





Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heissmusik

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heissmusik/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/heissmusik

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