Donny Blayne drops new supercharged single Whippin’

Triumphant, swaggering and booming, Donny Blayne’s debut single Whippin’ is a certified street anthem that is sure to light up hoods around the world. A disciple of the Gospel of Kanye, Donny is a creative lyricist and producer who is able to craft backpack rap for the true aficionados and kingpins. Visceral, punchy and highly entertaining, Whippin’ is a hallucinogenic hip hop tune that is driven by nuanced beats and a massive bassline. Donny Blayne is a versatile and talented professional who knows how to produce massive, chest rattling beats and potent, mind expanding lyrics. Gritty yet celebratory, dramatic yet fun-loving, Whippin’ is the perfect debut for a young talent. If you enjoy urban music, get to know: Donny Blayne!

Hailing from the DMV, otherwise known as the nexus of Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Donny Blayne has a southern fried vocal delivery style. Donny Blayne is an MC on a mission and with a debut as fierce as Whippin’, it’s easy to be excited about watching where this young creative’s visionary talent will take him next. A truly impressive debut, Whippin’ is the kind of track that will easily light up dancefloors leaving heaving bodies feeling all kinds of turnt. Whippin’ is definitely the kind of song that will ignite a party and leave the whole place lit.

Across debut single Whippin’ it is very easy to hear a booming trap influence which aligns Donny Blayne with contemporaries such as Gucci Mane and Desiigner. Inspired and visceral, Whippin’ is able to exist in a similar universe to these artists while still showing plenty of originality, playfulness and bravado. Whippin’ is a tune about conquering life and as an indication of Donny Blayne’s talent as a solo artist it is a potent statement announcing his arrival.

All fans of hip hop culture will want to know the dynamic young MC and beatsmith Donny Blayne. Real recognize real and when it comes to creating fun, memorable and bumping rap music, Donny Blayne is a name you are going to want to know. Be sure to check out the socials and listen to Donny Blayne’s monstrous new vehicle, Whippin’!

December 12, 2016 10:41am ET by Urban Dubz   Comments (0)

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