Youtube Originals Record-Breaking Livestream "The Creator Games Presented by MrBeast"

Returns October 17 for 2nd Live Tournament



"The Creator Games Presented by MrBeast" is back for a second round of tournament-style competition between some of YouTube's biggest names. This Saturday, October 17, MrBeast returns to host the highly anticipated tournament that will match up 24 YouTube creators, celebrities and influencers as they compete for the coveted title of "Smartest Creator in the World" and a $300,000 cash prize to give away to their fans. Only on YouTube and sponsored in the U.S. by Tic Tac(R), "The Creator Games 2," goes live on MrBeast's YouTube Channel at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST.

The first-round tournament match-ups were announced today by MrBeast and feature several new and returning YouTube creators such as Alex Warren, Gibi, Jaiden Animations, KSI, Kwebblekop, Lazerbeam, Matt Stonie, Mark Rober, Marques Brownlee, Preston, Safiya Nygaard, Swoozie, Typical Gamer, Yes Theory, ZHC, and many more.

Full of live competitions, games and surprises, this special event will award the last creator standing a cash prize to be given to the winner's subscribers. The first installment of "The Creator Games," where Creators competed in a tournament of head-to-head Rock, Paper, Scissors contests, was one of the most-viewed YouTube Originals live events ever, with over 662,000 peak concurrent viewers and over 35 million views to date.

In search for the "Smartest Creator in the World," MrBeast has upped the ante for the second "Creator Games" with a "Wheel of Games" that will determine the challenge for each round - from trivia to geography, spelling bees, and beyond - all the games are designed to present challenging and fun, one-on-one matchups, ultimately crowning one champion to claim the massive cash prize for their fans. This one of a kind tournament event will culminate with an epic finale, and feature surprise bonus rounds at every turn.

Adding to the drama of competition, viewers of the second "Creator Games" will also have the chance to bring back an eliminated Creator by voting them back into the tournament during later rounds of gameplay. Also new for viewers of the second "Creator Games" is a new Creator Games Pick'em ( game from ESPN, which will allow anyone to play along at home during the tournament for a chance to win $5,000. The Pick'em game gives fans the chance to predict the winners of each round through the championship match, collecting points for every correct pick during the tournament.

Round two follows the highly successful first round of the "The Creator Games." As one of the most viewed YouTube Originals live events, the stream raised over $1 Million for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO). The winner of the tournament, Matthew 'Nadeshot' Haag, won $250,000 and donated the earnings to the CDC Foundation (the organization of his choice). Round one featured some of YouTube's biggest stars including David Dobrik, Casey Neistat, Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, Juanpa Zurita, Ninja, KSI and more.

"The Creator Games Presented by MrBeast 2" is produced by Night Media and Fly On The Wall Entertainment.

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