Technicolor Chanteuse Giselle Mynx Sings a Siren Song to Summers' End Called "Sprung Free"

Preview Here - Playing Piano's in NYC on September 12

Born To Run as Told by a Chick


Patricia Field Muse and Technicolor Chanteuse Giselle Mynx

Previews New Single “Sprung Free”


For Immediate Release - Black Panda PR - New York, NY - September 1, 2015 - Summer is closing  and Performance Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Model-Muse Giselle Mynx wants to close the season in technicolor.  She’s releasing her new stylized single and concept video “Sprung Free,” as a farewell nod to summer and the classic songs that the warm weather months inspire this September 2015.


“Sprung Free” is about leaving home in pursuit of your dreams.  I wrote "Sprung Free" as an answer to “She’s Leaving Home” by The Beatles and “Born to Run” by Springsteen.  ... but what it feels like in a girls’ shoes, or in my case, stilettos,” the singer laughs.


Giselle Mynx skipped along the constellations of stars that line the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd. to land in her new home in Bushwick, Brooklyn a few years ago.


Arms full with a carry-on bag and a blow-up bed in each hand forced her to stop in Patricia Field’s SoHo store for a sit-spell.   There she curled up quietly on the floor, with other technicolor dreamers, and played with Patricia's dogs while she styled the mannequins.  Comfort turned to creativity and to new connections.


“Patricia is inspirational because she’s a pioneer in fashion and a champion for self-expression.  She makes it okay for people to dress the way they feel, to be bold and unapologetic in their celebration of individuality.  My first friends in the city bloomed from being a sad lonely girl with stars in her eyes just sitting on the floor…. and over time as our friendship grew, natural collaborations bloomed.  We all came to NYC because different big dreams brought us here and we had enough nerve to follow our hearts, enough grit to stick the tough bits out, and we are still there for each other,” she shares.




Giselle Mynx:  Photo: Devlin Shand for Patricia Field


“The Beatles and Springsteen told stories that would become my life and so I wanted to write about it from my perspective and from my own experience; what it felt like to spring out of a small town in pursuit of my dreams, and to hopefully inspire and give courage to others to follow their hearts too,” she concludes.


Giselle Mynx performs “Sprung Free” and more songs from her forthcoming EP at Piano’s in NYC on September 12 with her band the Classic Kids.  

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