The Academy of Contemporary Music

Brief Description:

For over 20 years, the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) has been preparing generations of musicians, producers and innovators for careers in the music industry.

About Company

The Academy offers highly flexible yet practical study programmes at degree and diploma levels, ensuring that young creatives get the best chance possible at forging careers in music in an environment that is wholly immersive, nurturing, and unique.

ACM has a long history of success in helping develop and nurture artists and creative minds and as such is incredibly proud of its alumni, of which there are now over 10,000. From performing musicians like Ed Sheeran, Lawson and Ebony Day, producers and DJs like Zomboy, all the way to business executives like Kriss Baird (Universal, Warner-Chappell) and event managers such as Rachel Coomber (BBC Introducing, 6Music).

Many ACM students go on to find their niche in all manner of industries, from performance, production and composition to business, journalism, event management and everything in between. With even more variety in study programmes than ever before, ACM offers students a chance to not only join the greats, but also to find their own path in the music industry - whatever that may be!

With the landscape of music changing at such a rapid pace, ACM is committed to staying ahead of the latest developments in creative and digital technologies. Just as the Academy is preparing the next generation of innovators, it is also always looking for new ways to innovate and lead by example. Through its integration of contactless, RFID, SMS, QR, Google Glass, and mobile apps, ACM is always trying to improve upon their role in music education and how their students can get the most out of their time and studies at the Academy.

The music industry has changed, but so too has music education. The United Kingdom continues to be a cultural capital, the influence of which is felt the world over, from singers and songwriters to filmmakers and animators. The creative industries continue to grow, develop, and enrich both economy and society and so, now more than ever, the role and responsibility of arts education has never been higher. Through its partnerships and collaborations with business partners, as well as work with national government and local communities, ACM fully supports the advancement of both the music and wider creative industries. In 2015, celebrating its 20 years as a world leader in music education, ACM’s ethos is very much “learning by doing”, a system of real time, real world industry opportunities and experience, alongside fully accredited programming, validated by bodies such as QAA, at the end of which students leave with the highest possible level of practical employability.

A career in music might have once seemed like an impossible dream but it is now an attainable goal - provided you have the right tools and the right attitude. For a new generation of creative innovators, the Academy of Contemporary Music offers the best start imaginable.

The Academy of Contemporary Music