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Brief Description: Arianne Blue is an independent Multi-genre singer/ songwriter.


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About me

Arianne Blue is an independent multi-genre singer/ songwriter. Her first and only official release was the self-entitled compliation 'Under My Skin'. Notably, the record was written and recorded within just one month with music sourced entirely from independent and undiscovered producers. Under My Skin is a fresh mix of genre's from Dubstep, Rock, Alternative, Electro, DnB, Classical RnB.

Her sound has been compared to The Cranberries, Delilah, Massive Attack, Morcheeba and Portishead by BBC Introducing DJ Phil Taggart, music blogs such as Retrospective and Oxide Radio's Head of Music Remi Graves (Oxford Student Radio).

The debut record 'Under My Skin' was followed by a long awaited music video for the track 'You Touch Me', the budget video was an impressive achievement for a completely independent artist and Arianne Blue attributed the success of it's creation to the mutal love of music and art shared by contributors.