Brief Description:

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP also known as HILIFE MUSIC, operates as part of HILIFE GROUP (parent company), is a British independent record company, based in the United Kingdom with offices in London and Peterborough


Country: United Kingdom

Sister Company: HILIFE MUSIC

Sister Company: AGRADE MUSIC

Sister Company: HI5FIVE

Sister Company: HILIFE MEDIA

Official Website: https://www.hilifemusicgroup.com/

Telephone Number: 02074584044

Other Website: https://www.hilifemusicgroup.co.uk/

Media Contact Name: Marketing Team

About Company

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP, also known as HILIFE MUSIC, was founded in 2007 by Chairman and CEO, Adrian Fife. Initially starting operations as recording studios. HILIFE MUSIC then expanded the company to include music production and all aspects of audio and sound design, and then working with a number of artists and groups, developed gradually to become a full record company.

HILIFE GROUP of companies has been part of various music, fashion and sporting events, music and game awards, and has worked with numerous established and unknown artists, organisations, businesses, and charities.