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First established in 2012, NuTickets was devised as an on-line tool enabling the events sector to have complete control of sales, promotion, and management of the event. Nutickets is the UK’s first online system offering an affordable solution to event management.


Address: Unit 8 Enterprise House, Manchester Science Park, M15 6SE

Country: United Kingdom

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Telephone Number: 0161 226 4344

Media Contact Name: Carrie Allen

About Company

First established in 2012, Nutickets was devised in response to demand from the events sector for an online tool enabling them to have complete control of the sales, promotion and management of their event.

Nutickets founder and cloud technology specialist, Jose San Miguel, is highly experienced in online ticketing and events management, having worked for some of the leading names in the industry over the past decade.

The mission of Nutickets is to place the control of an event in the hands of the organiser, offering an affordable solution that is easy to use and interacting some of the biggest social media platforms to open the door to more event goers than ever before.

With a dedicated team of event technology experts sharing a passion for events, Nutickets is continuously developing the system to remain ahead of the curve.

Crucially, Nutickets does not hold any funds. Money generated from an event goes straight to the organiser, again ensuring they have complete control of all aspects of their event.

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