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Our current roster includes Ol' June, Gino Black, Blakk North, B0JACK, She Loves No One, as well as producer Takashi Akai.

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Country: United States

Sister Company: The Lootwig Music Group, LLC

Sister Company: Takashi Music Group

Official Website: http://www.powerblastworldwide.com

Telephone Number: 3059788121

Clients: Ol' June, Blakk North, Gino Black, ANU, She Loves No One, B0JACK, Takash Akai, King Fuji aka Rising Sun

Media Contact Name: Ernest W Coleman

About Company


Powerblast Worldwide is a full service entertainment company. We currently specialize in artist/producer management, post-production and music publishing, but started as an independent label in 1992. We have produced and commercially released six CDs by Bombthreat and Cutty B. Spooky. Our current artists [2024] include Ol' June, Gino Black,, Blakk North, Ari Martin, ANU, She Loves No One, B0JACK and Cutty Barbwire and our producers/composers include Gino Black and Takashi. Our songwriters include Ol' June (Soul/ R&B), Gino Black (Rap/Alternative/Pop/Rock), Blakk North (HipHop/Rap) and Ari Martin (R&B/Pop/EDM). In addition to providing tracks for recording artists, our composers produce music for film, TV, radio spots and games.

Powerblast Worldwide also promotes events and provide DJ service and live sound. We are also affiliated with DJ Delite's Majesty Sound and Flavafm.net

Powerblast Worldwide also offers graphic design services for all of your printing and electronic media needs. Contact us for flyers, business cards, newsletters, CD jackets, etc.

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