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At 24, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Toni Baldwin is something special. Raised listening to a healthy mixture of James Brown, The Judds, *NSYNC, and Beck, it’s needless to say her influences come from everywhere. Always having a knack for music, Toni began writing songs and studying music in the 3rd grade. "It's really funny, I still remember the first song I ever wrote and recorded. It was called 'Toys For Mics'. I really don't remember what it was about, if it even had a real subject. It was just something I came up with on my keyboard and recorded it in one take with a tape recorder," Toni says of her first ever song.

Teaching herself to play guitar in just a few weeks from a You Can Teach Yourself Guitar book in the 6th grade and after writing countless songs, it came to a point where it was time for Toni to either get serious or quit, she chose to get serious. Always loving to write, writing songs for a hand-made "album" Toni gave to her classmates in the 7th grade was easy. The hand-made the demo for anyone who wanted it, prompted Toni to begin sharing her music online on YouTube and Myspace.

After moving to Atlanta to be enrolled in performing arts high school, North Atlanta High School located in Atlanta, Georgia, Toni focused on vocal performance and music production in the Dallas Austin after school program in 2010. In the program Toni worked with other students to hone in on her craft until 2013 when she began work on her own project.

Since 2014, Toni has been in the studio working with Grammy award winning producers and engineers to bring her songs to life which will be released in 2020 in the form of her debut EP, 1910. "I've been working on music for so long. I wanted everything to be perfect. I’m so hard on myself and I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to my art. Now that I’ve perfected the sound I want to present to the world, I cannot wait for everyone to hear ‘1910’ in its entirety. ‘New Vice’ is only the beginning," Toni says of her upcoming project.

Baldwin currently splits her time between Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee.