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Björk announces 'Biophilia' album delay

Creative singer-songwriter and performer Björk has announced that her new album's release will now be delayed. 

The 'It's Oh So Quiet' star posted a message on her official website that explained to fans that 'Biophilia' will be out slightly later than expected because "some of the songs [from the record] grew while playing them live and I decided to add some of this into the album". 

"I would like to explain why my album is coming out later than was first intended... I felt the album had different kinda growth potential... and it is important to follow those hunches even though they are slippery and you don't know sometimes where they are taking you."

She spent some time in Manchester recently where she performed the record and has since decided to make some last minute changes and additions. 'Biophilia' is now expected in October and Björk added, "I am really happy I did this, seems like Biophilia the album has a body... Hope you like it."

Watch her performance of 'Crystalline' from Bestival here: