Helping You Get The Most Out of Pressparty

To save you time, we’ve noted a few of the frequently asked questions below.

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Q. I want to create a profile, so where do I start?

A. Click here to fill out your details. 

Q. Who can become a member of Pressparty?

A. Membership registration is open to verified artists, their representatives and the music and entertainment industry.

Register here or on our Homepage by clicking the Registration link.

Q. How do I upload my profile photo?

A. Click Edit profile icon to upload your photo which will be visible to other logged in users and the public.

Q. How do I write a press release?

A. Since a press release is primarily a news story, you should ideally include a location and date at the start of the first paragraph. For Instance, "New York, NY - August 19, 2020". 

As in a standard news story, the initial headline should summarize the main news of the press release

Below the headline is often a brief, one-line summary of the press release. 

The rest of the press release should answer all of the questions a journalist might have about your announcement (who? what? where? when? how? and why?).

Although a press release is a public relations tool, it should remain factual and not overly promotional as it's not an advert.

Q. Who is going to see the information uploaded to my profile?

A. You can control who sees your press release by selecting PrivatePublic or Logged in users under the access setting on your profile page.

Q. How do I deactivate my account?

A. You can delete your profile at any time from Settings/Account Settings.