"Pure" starts shooting and cast announced

Channel 4's Pure starts shooting and cast announced

Kirstie Swain’s painfully human, sharply observed and outrageously funny adaptation of Rose Cartwright's acclaimed biography, Pure, is shooting now in London. The first three episodes are being directed by Bafta-nominated director Aneil Karia (Lovesick), and the second three episodes will be directed by Alicia MacDonald (Taxing).

Heading the cast of Pure is exciting new talent Charly Clive as Marnie, Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders/Skins) as Charlie, Anthony Welsh (Black Mirror /Journeyman) as Joe, Niamh Algar (Without Name) as Amber and Kiran Sonia Sawar (Next of Kin/Black Mirror) as Shereen.

Other members of the cast include Arabella Weir, Ewan Stewart, Olive Gray, Tori Allen-Martin and Jacob Collins-Levy.

Pure is the moving, warm and truthful exploration of one young woman’s search for herself and her very real struggle with ‘pure O’ - an excruciating form of obsessive compulsive disorder where obsessions take the form of intrusive sexual thoughts and the compulsions are unseen mental rituals that deeply affect the sufferer’s daily life and relationships. 

Moving from a small village to London in desperation to finally find out what is wrong with her and to sort her life out, Marnie unwittingly discovers a whole new world. As well as being a story of a young woman’s battle with her mental illness, Pure is also the story of life in the big city, finding new friends and learning how to love.

In London, Marnie meets whip-smart charmer and recovering porn addict Charlie; confident and acerbic ladies-woman Amber; charismatic and irresistibly droll boy-next-door, Joe; and her over-enthusiastic, and unapologetically eccentric, old school friend Shereen. Marnie’s group of friends alternately helps and hinders her along the route to find her real self. And as Pure unfolds, these characters reveal their own insecurities, idiosyncrasies and personal challenges. Woven into this tale of self-discovery is an unusual love story. Initially drawn to Joe, Marnie finds love in an unexpected place as she grows and learns more about herself 

The series is commissioned by Beth Willis, Head of Drama at Channel 4. Manpreet Dosanjh and Matthew Wilson are Commissioning Executives for Channel 4. The series is produced by Drama Republic: Roanna Benn is Executive Producer and Jen Kenwood is producer. Pure will be distributed by BBC Worldwide.

Watch the cast in action below:

February 20, 2018 12:19pm ET by Channel 4  

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