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Ed Sheeran: 'I have a new song that will change my career'

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran revealed that he has written a new track that he thinks might shake up his career path.

He's currently working on the follow up album to his debut, '+', and recently told Nova FM that the song in question is called 'Photograph':

"It's called 'Photograph' and I think that will be the one that will change my, kind of, career path. I played it for a German radio station for a fan thing and no-one filmed it and no-one recorded it and that was the one time I played it."

The 'Lego House' superstar also teased that he's been in the studio with Lupe Fiasco so fans should look forward to hearing their collaborative work at a later stage:

"We have the same A&R in America and… he just gave me about seven beats and said write choruses to all of these beats. Lupe loved one of them and is going to hop on it. I'm a massive Lupe Fiasco fan so it's cool."





Watch Sheeran give a brief red carpet interview at the 2013 BRIT Awards here: