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Nile Rodgers on his incredible career: 'I'm able to follow my crazy dream'

Musician Nile Rodgers has opened up about his incredible career and confessed that he is truly blessed to be able to have such amazing experiences. 

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the star admitted that he isn't afraid to follow his dreams and thinks his life works well as a result of that:

"As with most things in my life I follow a sort of crazy dream and the crazy dream for me feels like it's working. To think that I'd have a record that has Elton John singing on it and Michael McDonald singing on it, it seems so wacky to a normal person, but if you look at any other Chic record we've had Luther Vandross, the Brecker Brothers. It's always been people like that, people I have massive amounts of respect for, but usually who are in my immediate circle of friends."

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Watch footage of Rodgers busking in London here:


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