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Rihanna loves nightclubs because nobody notices her, says "they're too f**ked up to care"

Rihanna is a big fan of nightclubs because they're the one place she can unwind and enjoy herself without being bothered by members of the public.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the 'You Da One' superstar explained that people in bars and clubs are usually too drunk to notice that she's there so they're always great places for her to hang out:

"I love going to the club, because that's the one place that nobody's checking for me. Everybody in there is doing the same thing you're doing - dancing, listening to music, and having some drinks. They're too f**ked up to care."

The Bajan beauty has achieved international fame and while she appreciates the opportunities she has been given, Rihanna admitted that at times it can be overwhelming:

"I try to have a good time no matter where I go, but I always get mobbed. I always feel like I'm the star. And I hate that feeling. It's like an out-of-body experience, like I'm looking in the mirror and I can see every facial expression. Everything has to be calculated, because I feel everyone watching me. I want to enjoy my life and not think about it."




Watch Rihanna's short film for Elle below: