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Rihanna thanks fans for making the premiere of 'Diamonds' so "special"

Bajan beauty Rihanna has taken to her official Twitter page to thank her fans for making the unveiling of new single 'Diamonds' such a special and memorable occasion.

Writing to her 26 million followers this evening (September 26), Rihanna told them that she will never forget today because of their continued support and enthusiasm:

"I just wanna send blessings to everyone who was a part of making this day a special one for me! I won't ever forget this day, so thanks to u."

She also uploaded a photograph of herself holding her late grandmother's hand, which she accompanied with the touching caption: "We're beautiful like Diamonds in the sky."

Meanwhile, the 'Umbrella' superstar joked that she's been having trouble with stylists on set at magazine shoots because they can't fix her hair properly: "*Meanwhile on set* being able to do hair and being able to do black hair are 2 different things! #magazines please pay attention!"




Listen to 'Diamonds' below: