Fabulist Continues to Surprise and Delight

A trippy new release that will make you long for sun-kissed beaches

More than a month after he put out the bass heavy Bassic Instinct, comes another interesting production from Fabulist, which is at a completely different spectrum compared to his last release. 

Beginning with a short juxtaposition of drum and a rhythmic bassline, the track quickly transcends into flowing chords, and an easy-going rhythm, inspired from those sun-kissed afternoons and laidback after-parties by the beach. 

Mellow breakdowns, subtle build-ups, and a distorted snare signify the track, coupled with a high-pitched synth that's easy on the ears. 

Towards the end, there is a slight shift in melody and rhythm of the track, before it comes back to its original, flowing chords. Perfect for those sun-kissed beach parties, (or for times when you are high on pot), Explore The Depths is available as a free download on Soundcloud

With each new release, Fabulist continues to strengthen his brand of storytelling that is sure to get noticed sooner or later. 

Sit back, and let this track take you to the deepest realms of your mind, where the magic happens.

March 31, 2015 9:16am ET by Vaibhav   Comments (0)

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