Noisettes return with 'Winner'

"The best live band in Britain" - Guardian


 are back with a brand new single


 released July 9th

With a reputation for being the most unconventional and imaginative band in today’s music scene, the dynamic London duo Noisettes are back with their new single, ‘Winner’, released July 9th.

With a career that has stretched over seven years, a string of hits already under their belt and a fashion following that could rival Grace Jones, these guys need no introduction.  We all remember their well-known smash hit, ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm‘ which stormed into the No. 2 spot in the UK charts and ‘Never Forget You’ which has sealed itself as a firm family favourite sing-a-long.

Two years on, the Noisettes are ready to embark on a new musical era. Fuelled with eye popping energy and power, it’s a sure sign that they are going for gold with this uplifting and epic track.  Leaving even the most faint hearted brimming with winning pride, ‘Winner’  looks set to become the people’s anthem during a momentous year here in London.

Never fond of a formula, the duo always intended on a radical musical evolution from both ‘Wild Young Hearts’, and their debut, ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf?’, an album that spawned five singles and took them on tour for over a year, sharing arena stages with Muse and criss-crossing the States with TV On The Radio and Bloc Party.

“Some bands stick with the same style forever,” says singer Shingai Shoniwa, whose versatile vocals have seen her compared to everyone from Deborah Harry and Kate Bush to Billie Holiday and, Diana Ross. 

“They get together because they share identical musical tastes, then never do anything different. We’re a gang, but we’re also two divas with different record collections who constantly introduce each other to new sounds, whether it’s African music, jazz, our own modern hybrid of soul music or new adventures in dance music, there always remains the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll without the cliché's. For us, making music means keeping our ears open.”

“We've been collaborating with with some fantastic pop-smiths recently. We enjoyed tropical evenings in L.A.'s infamous Westlake studios with’s songwriter, Jean Baptise ('Winner'). Sometimes we'd drive off into the sunset after a session in our rental Mustang convertible and write a song or two by the highway-side with the top down, Californian style.”

Noisettes have built an astonishing devoted following thanks to their enthralling performances and style - unconventional, fierce and daring, their energy is reminiscent of  the true, legendary artists of the past, leading to them being described "the best live band in Britain" by The Guardian last year.  Shoniwa can often be seen charging in to the audience playing guitar and singing clinging to a ladder suspended from the ceiling, a nod to the circus skills she learnt in her teens.

 “We always go that extra mile to give the crowd a night they’ll never forget,” says Shoniwa. “I love artists like Hendrix and Bowie who fussed over their hair and took time choosing an outfit.” 

2012 is already looking set to become another epic year for the band having already been confirmed to play at The Diamond Jubilee Festival in Battersea Park on June 3rd as well as many other prestigious live performances throughout the summer - watch this space!

One thing’s for sure, fans and critics around the world have been waiting in excitement and anticipation for their return - the wait is over!  These guys are back and at their best!


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