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Diana Vickers on the supernatural: 'I had to call in a woman to perform an exorcism'

Songstress Diana Vickers has opened up about her experiences with ghosts and spirits, and confessed that she often feels strange presences in different houses and locations. 

Speaking about the most recent encounter, she explained: "My record company put me in a house on Sloane Square and I got bad vibes from the minute I walked in. I slept with the light on for four months and I'd hear tapping in the night."

She then revealed that the atmosphere within the building prompted her to call in a ghost expert: "She told me there was the ghost of a little boy in the house. She did an exorcism and sent him away."

Vickers went onto add that she experienced the supernatural as a youngster, too: "Another time when I was little, I was on the bed and this force grabbed my head and hit me. I flew forward and hit the wall. We moved out of that house!"



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