New generation UK music business traverses terrestrial to digital mediums and for the first time ever enables world-class music development – advance free and at 80% less than traditional cost


Working closely with Funnel Music is a great idea for major labels, as it has become harder for labels to do the early ground work and development due to the ever-changing musical landscape, it’s exciting but also challenging. I’m looking forward to working with Funnel Music to bring through exciting new talent."

– Paul Samuels, Senior Vice President, Atlantic Records (Warner Music)


Pioneering British music concept, Funnel Music, is redefining the global music industry with the launch of a cutting-edge new generation music business and brand on November 24.  Funnel is NOT a label or a publisher in the traditional sense, it’s a music ‘incubator’ and will fuse the traditional terrestrial approach with cutting-edge digital gamified methods to enable global reach.  Launched and managed by stalwart industry experts, Funnel will use its rich in-house resources to nurture new artists, enabling them to make world-class recordings at significantly reduced cost for onward assignment, license or label imprint.  The launch of Funnel Music opens up the industry to all, and for the first time ever music becomes a realistic and accessible career path for all deserving talent; providing a low risk, experience rich and most importantly, debt –light/advance-free rise to the top of their music profession.  5 fresh talented artists are already well established within the Funnel with the first being brought to industry fruition early 2016 – soon to be announced.



Funnel Music delivers a multi-layered approach to talent development, nurturing all levels of artist progress; developing and managing multi-rights catalogue and connecting to major labels, publishers and label service providers. All talent is welcome to ‘enter the Funnel’. Funnel experts then nurture promising talent through the Funnel process. With in-house studios (Crossleaze Studios and The Session Rooms), and mentors including producers such as Bruno Ellingham, songwriters, musicians, and publishers, all resources supplied, cost free, to the artist.  Boot Camps will harness burgeoning artists, whilst in-house mentors will cultivate talent within the Funnel.  A gamified online platform is planned to attract and manage the expansion of artists as well as addressing growing public interest in the artists by enabling consumer interaction and artist exposure throughout the entire Funnel process.


3-part entry into the funnel:

Funnel Music development – Talent that has outstanding potential will be accepted into the Funnel, followed by appropriate high quality mentoring and music development.

Boot Camps & Apprenticeships  – harnessing and nurturing new talent. The first Boot Camp will take place in April 2016.  The first apprentices may be selected from that camp. Numbers will be limited, with a minimum of x1 of each intake selected as a Funnel Artist.

Gamified Digital Platform – engaging public and artists alike.


Currently funded by the Directors, Funnel Music opens its doors to potential investors so that interested stakeholders can buy shares in this exciting company at an early stage.  For more info visit:


The brainchild of co-founders* Alex Pilkington, Ric Yerbury, Gavin Thorpe and Charles Grimsdale – all of whom are highly practiced industry experts within their specific music fields – Funnel Music is built on a rock solid foundation of expertise and knowledge and will be managed and run in the same way.  Entrenched within the industry for many years, the Funnel founders are committed to a new way, an educated way – a way that works and delivers success.  This smart integrated approach will enable Funnel to deliver music at a fraction of the traditional cost – with an album costing 80% less** than with a major.


Having personally lived and breathed the music industry for our whole lives, we’ve experienced the pitfalls first-hand.  That’s why we’ve created Funnel Music as a fresh alternative career option in music.  Funnel makes music possible in a previously impossible industry, giving artists a bright debt-light, experience-rich future,” comments Alex Pilkington, Funnel Music Co-Founder


The erosion of the traditional record label, coupled with the onslaught of digital media, has been so dramatic over the past 10-15 years, that demand for a diverse and pioneering new business approach was paramount to the continuation of the industry.  Funnel Music have addressed these issues head on and harnessed the solution in a smart singular business model. Funnel Music is a dynamic new and unique solution, which gives hope, promise and a solid debt-free career choice to fresh talent.  An exciting new music industry starts here.


For more information visit:

Notes to Editors

Notes to Editors:

* Background on Founders of Funnel Music
• Ric Yerbury, Chief Executive: With an extensive career in music and the wider corporate world, Ric has previously promoted over 500 new artists early in their careers including: Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Rae Morris, Daughter, Ed Sheeran, The Vaccines, Newton Faulkner and Wolf Alice.

• Alex Pilkington, Head of Production: Alex brings his experience as an artist, producer and writer to the role of Head of Production; co-ordinating and managing the development of acts as recording artists. He also looks after the management of selected artists including Molly Tilston. Alex was signed to Island Records imprint, Island Blue, as joint singer/songwriter in the seminal band Custom Blue, going on to co-produced their debut releases at The Fallout Shelter. On leaving Universal, Alex went on to set up Ho Hum Records specialising in record production within his own-studios with highlights being the exceptional Sophie Barker LP “Seagull” as well as the Scottish Album of the Year listed Blue Rose Code.

• Gavin Thorpe, Head of Artist Management: Gavin’s experience as a signed artist to Universal and Atlantic, and mentor to young artists at Access To Music makes him the ideal person to head up the Artist Management team. His experience at ATM also allows him to lead the Funnel Boot camps and apprenticeships.

• Charles Grimsdale, Non Executive Chairman: Charles has a wealth of experience in both technology and digital distribution, including the OD2 digital distribution platform, which is did with Peter Gabriel. His role as Chairman is to give oversight on Funnel’s performance.

** ‘Recording costs can vary widely between individual projects, with the average being driven by projects that involve superstar producers and the most sought after session musicians. Recording costs for an emerging pop act in a major market are estimated to be between US$150,000 and US$500,000’- from IFPI 2014 The Unsigned Guide.

By utilising an in-house network of experts across industry disciplines, Funnel Music will enable artists to deliver a fully recorded album at 80% less cost than industry average.

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