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Jedward speak to Pressparty about running a marathon without any training

Jedward have opened up on their impressive feat of running a marathon without any training.

The Irish duo ran the Los Angeles marathon on March 18 and later admitted that they hadn't prepared for the long run.

Speaking to Pressparty, Jedward said that they have accumulated so much stamina from their live shows that they felt up to the task of completing the marathon. Edward said:

"Me and John are very good at running but we haven't done it since we were 17 so we hadn't done any training. But we've got so much stamina and energy from being on stage."

John added: "We arrived in Los Angeles the night before the run and thought we may as well do it because we were there for the American Reunion premiere anyway. So we had some Raisin Bran and a Gatorade and some water and then went to sleep. We got the hotel to wake us up at 5.30 and started the race at 7.20."

Edward revealed that John was the fastest out of the two, beating him by roughly 12 minutes. He added: "John did it in 3 hours 38 minutes and I did it in 3 hours and 50 something. The thing we were most worried about was getting a dodgy tan, so we wore jackets to protect our arms."




Watch Jedward speak to American TV whilst running the marathon below: