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Julius Cowdrey on Made In Chelsea: 'The show is a fantastic platform for my music'

Until now, he's been widely known as the newest heartthrob to join the Made In Chelsea cast, but the 23-year-old, half-Swede, Julius Cowdrey, is also rapidly carving himself out a career as a solo artist - and Pressparty caught up with him to address his new single, '7 Roads (I See You),his songwriting technique, and balancing his reality TV and music careers.

Ladies (and gents), he needs no further introduction. Here is our interview with the handsome Julius Cowdrey.

Julius, your lyrics express organic, raw heartfelt emotions. How does that contrast to the Julius Cowdrey we see on Made In Chelsea? I'm an emotional guy and I think that comes across in both my lyrics and the show.

Which one do you feel more comfortable with: ‘Julius, the singer-songwriter’ or ‘Julius, the reality TV star’? Julius, the singer-songwriter for sure. That's my number one. 

Do you have a say with the plot direction surrounding your character in Made In Chelsea? As in who you date or ‘hook up’ with? Of course, I have a say in everything I do on the show. 

That’s a major part of the storyline, but will also influence your musical persona, so how will you gauge the direction of your future onscreen antics? I'll continue to be myself. I'm sure that will be a fair reputation of who I am as a person and hopefully it will reflect well on my musical persona.

Do you think any of your future romantic endeavours on MIC (Made In Chelsea), will inspire future songs, as your most recent material was inspired by a break-up? Potentially! It's got to be something pretty serious for me to write about it, so you'll have to wait and see.

You come from a famous cricketing family, and you bowled us over when you made your appearance on Made In Chelsea. Tell us in detail how you came to be on the show. I knew some of the cast members before, so transitioning onto the show was an easy one. The show is a fantastic platform for my music, so it was a no brainer! I'm glad to have joined the cast.

You released your debut album, ‘Shout Out To Me’, in 2014 (we can’t find it anywhere - boo hoo!), some of which was co-written with your brother. As you said earlier, you were too young to be able to pull from life experiences. Now that you’re a bit older, is he still involved in your songwriting? If so, in what way? He is indeed! We still write together very often and I write by myself too. It all depends on who's inspired to write at any given moment. One day Fabs may text me through lyrics for me to write music to, or we'll write together in the same room and sometimes I'll want to be stuck in the room alone, like I did for '7 Roads (I See You).' I feel very fortunate to have Fabian, I run everything by him first!  

You’ve spent time in both L.A. and New York in the past year. Sum up each city and its people in a few words. L.A. - Sunny. Love a beach. Lots of traffic.
L.A. people - I love L.A. people. They're creative, like-minded and they dream BIG! 

NYC - busy. Vibey. Very similar to London.
NYC people - Chatty. Driven. I feel NYC people are the most American people I've met... if that makes sense! Especially with that strong new yorkan accent!

Were you planning on moving permanently to L.A.? I actually was, I was looking into visas and moving there for good. I've got lots of friends out there, I love the sun, and for my career I thought it would be a good move. But then I got the opportunity to join MIC and I didn't look back!

What’s the main difference between dating an American to dating a Brit from your personal experience? I actually think I've laughed more on my dates with Americans, but I'm usually more attracted to a Brit. The Americans that I have dated are nutty in a great way and I've never had a bad experience. Brits on the other hand have dry wit and I feel I can connect with them on a deeper level!

You’re an accomplished pianist and your lyrics are pure poetry – a dramatic combination. We feel you’re pretty much the most accomplished singer-songwriter to have joined the MIC cast. Why did you pick that show to raise your profile over other shows such as The Voice, or Britain’s Got Talent? It all just happened naturally, I suppose. I wanted to ensure my music was ready, along with my emotional state to attack this career. I'm very grateful to MIC already for allowing me to share my music with a larger audience.  

As you stay longer on the show and your role develops, are you conscious of keeping a fine balance between the character we see on the show and your musical career? What if one overtakes the other? How will you manage both careers simultaneously? Music will always be my integral focus and that will naturally never change. I will always be myself in music and on reality tv, as that is the most honest interpretation of myself, and hopefully that takes care of both careers. 

‘7 Roads (I See You)' is your debut single from a future album. When do you think your new album will be ready for release? What stage is it at now? This is undecided at this stage. You'll have to wait and see.

Who else is involved in it? Producers, musicians, etc? Tell us how the collaborations came about. I've written all the songs either myself or with my twin brother and am happy to collaborate with other songwriters and producers too. A lot of work is going into every track and I pick who I work with wisely. Creating music is a very intimate and fragile thing and I need to be comfortable with who I collaborate with.

Where has the bulk of the recording taken place? I actually wrote the song in L.A. and recorded it in a studio in London.

Julius, thank you. It's been a pleasure interviewing you and we're all excited about what looks set to be a very promising career ahead for you in the music industry.

You can check out '7Roads (I See You)' HERE now. Go. Go. Go!

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Listen to Julius Cowdrey's cover of 'Fake Love' by Drake, below:

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