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Justin Bieber's recent UK visit impacted perfume sales by 500%

Sales of Justin Bieber's female fragrance 'Someday' shot up by 500% following his arrival in the UK recently.

The Canadian sensation spent time in England last week and a popular perfume store confirmed that in the days surrounding his visit, sales of 'Someday' rose by an incredible 500%.

Daniel Thompson, a spokesperson for The Fragrance Shop, explained that no one could have predicted the impact Bieber's presence in the UK would have on the popularity of the scent:

"'Someday' has been in our top 10 best selling celebrity fragrances for some weeks but we never envisaged the effect that Justin Bieber arriving in the UK would have on sales."

"Our stores up and down the country have reported packs of Beliebers snapping up the fragrances in a bid to get noticed and have their bottles signed by the star."

It's thought that the sudden increase in sales of 'Someday' might have been driven by Bieber's remark on its "irresistible" smell, which in turn could have influenced fans to buy it in hope of being noticed by the hitmaker.

Watch Bieber's question and answer session from his London 'Believe' showcase here: