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Justin Timberlake reveals most disgusting fan encounter

Justin Timberlake has opened up about one of the most disgusting fan encounters he has ever experienced. 

In the Men of the Year issue of GQ magazine, the 'SexyBack' superstar explained that he once had a fan try to shake his hand fresh from using a urinal - and before he washed his hands - but although he isn't a "germophobe" he still found it revolting:

"I was at the movies this one time, and I was going to the bathroom right before I went into the theatre and this guy, as he was walking away from the urinal, zipping up his pants as he turns, recognises me, gets all excited, and makes a beeline for me, his arm out, looking to shake my hand."

"Listen, I'm not a germaphobe, but c'mon. I literally said to him, 'There's NO f**king way you're not going to wash your hands before you try to shake my hand.' You just had that hand on your penis."

Watch him talk about his latest film, 'In Time', here: