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Justin Timberlake reveals he used to take drugs at Coachella Festival

Justin Timberlake has admitted that he doesn't remember his visits to the Coachella Festival that often - because he's been high on drugs.

The pop icon is a role model to many, but it seems he's often dabbled in "substances" in the past.

Speaking to MySpace, the '20/20 Experience' star revealed that he recalls standing in fields listening to bands whilst out of it. He said:

"I've been to Coachella many times, on many different, um, substances. I've not remembered a lot of it, I'll leave it at that."

Timberlake continued: "Like, I stood in an open field and one year I saw Nine Inch Nails and the next year I saw Weezer and I was standing in the middle of the field, you know, like tripping my mind out."





Watch Justin Timberlake perform live below: