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Katy Perry to auction off elephant statue for charity

Katy Perry is auctioning off an elephant statue that she designed to raise money for charity. 

The pop princess seems to be on a rather philanthropic mission of late as she recently donated her amazing cotton candy outfit to the American Red Cross and has now put the little figurine up as a lot for the Elephant Parade fundraiser for Asian elephant conservation. 

Writing about her specially designed statue, which she has named Dumbina and is in the all-American colours of red, white and blue, Perry explained:

"My elephant was inspired by my California Dreams Tour and Candyfornia - a magical, glittering place where everything is sweet! The crystals that adorn the elephant are precious, just like the Asian elephants that need our protection. Let’s raise awareness!"




Watch footage of the 'Teenage Dream' superstar getting her body set in plaster for charity here: