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Sarah Harding reveals sleeping pill addiction

Following her emotional and revealing interview yesterday, January 5, Sarah Harding has now opened up about her addiction to sleeping pills. 

The singer continued her incredibly personal interview with The Sun newspaper by talking about her stint in rehab and explained that she sought treatment to break her addiction to the sedative Zopiclone:

"Rehab was a depressing place to be with a lot of troubled people. I came off Zopiclone. I started taking them four years ago and coming off them was horrible. It took three weeks in rehab to start sleeping normally again."

"My drinking was out of control and I was addicted to sleeping pills. It was an awful combination."

She recalled a particularly trying couple of days where the clinic put her on a "detox" and admitted that she spent 72 hours on Valium so that she didn't have fits from alcohol withdrawal:

"When I went to South Africa I went into detox and they literally put you on Valium for three days. They literally comatose you in case you have a fit. Because if you come off alcohol too quickly you have fits. I didn't even know that."




Referring to her hopes for the future, Harding added that she is proud of overcoming her darkest days and now wants to focus on getting her life and career back on track and hopes to be "taken seriously":

"I've done the bravest thing I had to do. I reined it in. I took myself to rehab, because I knew it was getting out of control. It takes a strong person to admit that. So I did it. I have so much to live for. I have my family and friends, my dogs, a film coming out. I still want to do music and do something solo."

"Now I think it's about being single and concentrating on myself and my career and who knows what the future holds. I feel like I don't want to be stuck with that drunken image. I go to after-care for the extension to my rehab to keep me going. I am trying so hard. I just want to be taken seriously."

Watch a red carpet interview with Harding from earlier this year below: