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Justin Bieber "can go from zero to insane in a matter of five minutes"

Mike Posner has revealed that teen sensation Justin Bieber can really bring the heat when he's in the studio and focused on his music.

The 'Cooler Than Me' star, who worked with Bieber on his forthcoming new album 'Believe', explained to Capital FM that spending time with him was an eye-opening experience because he has a real flair for creativity:

"With Justin, we kept the studio pretty locked down just because he can go from zero to insane in a matter of five minutes, It was definitely insane. I was just honored to be a part of the project."

"Justin's super hands-on with his music. He comes up with amazing melodies - that's what I was most impressed by. We'd put on a beat or something, and he goes into a booth, and he freestyles these melodies, and they're crazy."

Bieber is set to unveil the full-length music video for 'Boyfriend' tomorrow, May 3, and you can watch him talk about his new record at the recent London showcase below: